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‘Visually Stunning’ – Pippin The Musical

Visually stunning, Pippin The Musical, directed by Jonathan O’Boyle at Hope Mill Theatre was an absolute credit. This burlesque style performance showed a group of travelling performers tell the tale of Pippin and his search for something more, a meaning to his life. The innovative use of the thrust stage dragged the audience into being a part of the story, involved at every angle really bringing the story off the stage and into real life. What I really loved about this performance was that the whilest the story was gorgeously constructed it wasn’t necessarily the main event, the display of talent on stage was absolutely phenomenal and thats what I think every audience member will be left thinking about. Every actor brought something different to the stage be it full blown magic tricks, jaw dropping dance moves or voices that gave me goose bumps. Genevieve Nicole who played Leading Player orchestrated the stage happenings and performed with a style reminiscent of Velma Kelly showing her to be a clear seasoned professional. But the actor who really stole the show for me was Jonathan Carlton who played Pippin, he’s voice made every hair on my arm stand on end as he sang the opening bars to Corner of the Sky.  I think that it was Carlton’s standout performance that made it so special for me and i felt as though he brought the production back down to earth creating the perfect balance between the wonderfully absurd and the beautifully simple which made the show a little easier to digest. The use of choreographed ensemble work and touching intimate moments made this bizarre show truly heart felt another proud performance for Hope Mill Theatre and I’m only sorry it didn’t run for longer.


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