Theatrical Ramblings Vol 1 – Collaborative Family

I’m taking a bit of a step away from talking about a specific production to talk about theatre as a whole. Director Owen Horsley once said in a workshop, “it’s more than just words”, it’s a simple statement that just resonates so strongly with me. There’s so much talk in contemporary theatre about collaboration and the collaborative way of working which couldn’t be more accurate. To me anyway, theatre is about the collaboration of both cast and creatives, tech and marketing, voice and movement. At the risk of sounding pretentious, this industry survives on co-dependency and collaboration and I think thats one of the reasons why I love theatre so much. It’s one big family, that supports, inspires and grows from itself. So although it can be competitive, risky, and intense. It’s one (of what I think) is one of the most incredible industries to be involved in. I mean where else could you turn a weird dream you had one night into an award winning performance, or take a classic Shakespeare and mingle it with a bit of Stormzy. So long live the theatre makers and may you continue to collaborate and conquer.

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